Executive Chef Greg Morton’s Biography

 1982 marked the opening of a Cafe in the resort area of South Dartmouth, Padanaram, Massachusetts.  The grill -- wood-burning mesquite, the pasta-- made from scratch, the desserts -- decadent, the produce -- native, the striped bass and bluefish -- paraded through the dining room after being caught, and the rhythm and blues -- driving.  This was Bridge Street Cafe—ahead of its time and a landmark for 20 years.  Chef and Owner, Greg Morton entertained celebrities, sailors from around the world, legendary boat builders, and dedicated summer clientele.  Dom DeLouise wanted one of everything, David Duchovny ordered the soft shell crabs, Gene Hackman love the barbecued lamb—you never knew what to expect, except great food prepared in an open kitchen that had soul.  That is Greg’s credo to this day—keep it fresh, keep it simple, and show it off. Appearances on Evening Magazine, The Food Network’s “In Food Today” and regular teaching classes at local venues enhance Greg’s celebrity status, and nurture a devoted local following and his very successful catering operation, Morton’s Fork.  The synergy of music and food has always been close to his heart.  “Take the food out on the road and put on a show—it’s just like being on stage”, says Morton, a bassist and rock and roller, with a strong tie to high-energy rhythm and blues.  Catch this guy before he’s out of sight—the food man, the big man, Greg “Earthquake” Morton.


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